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How to Apply for membership of horizons

Please complete the form and click Submit Form to send it to the Membership Secretary.

Download, print and complete the Direct Debit Form and send it to the address on the form by post.

Remember you must be a member of Horizons if you wish to log on to and use this site.

Pension information

No information is held by the Horizons about pensions.  For that please go to the Towers Watson epa website - see Useful Contacts.

Apply for Membership of Horizons

Membership Application Form

  1. Please complete the form below and click Submit Form to send it to the Membership Secretary. 
  2. Then click on this Direct Debit formto download, print and complete and send it to the Membership Secretary by post.  Important: Your application will not be processed until your DD mandate has been received by the Membership Secretary.

Fields marked with a * are required.
Full or Associate Membership*
An Associate Member is a widow or widower receiving a pension from an HSBC Pension Fund
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State "None" if Associate Member
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Date of receiving 1st Pension or Retirement Date* DD/MM/YYYY
I agree and consent to Horizons holding my membership information on computer systems for the purposes of administering my membership of Horizons (please note that withholding consent will mean we are unable to accept your membership application).  I consent to Horizons sending me Horizons magazine and contacting me by post, email or telephone with information about Horizons and its activities.  I have read and agree to the terms and conditions in the Data Protection Act Statement (click to read), and the Privacy and Disclaimer notices referenced at the foot of this page.
I agree to the above terms (tick) *

Membership Request

If you will receive a deferred pension at a future date please click here and register your details with us.